are you?

are you my famine ?
is holding on to you –
your beauty
your brilliance
your soul..
are these ideas
starving my soul ? Continue reading “are you?”


on showing up.

“…you gotta show up if you wanna be seen…”  The Avett Brothers*

at some point or another, if you’re spending time in the rooms of 12-step programs, you’ll hear someone talking about “showing up.” invariably, you’ll notice these two words elicit nods – of acknowledgment, of identification, of approval. as addicts and alcoholics, showing up most likely became an issue for most of us. showing up to work on time, or at all, showing up to family functions, showing up to the shower. whether incapacitated physically by our substance(s) of choice or the aftermath thereof, chances are if you were hoping for us to be around, we weren’t. right ? Continue reading “on showing up.”