i seem to ache from an unknowable place within

suddenly an emptiness ensues,
as though there’s been some profound loss

as though i grasped the essence of human existence,
a divine knowing…
that has slipped through my fingers…
like a fist full of sand- completely and without incident

and all at once, it’s me who is slipping in to quicksand
and there’s only darkness,
and a feeling of free falling,
the magnetism of gravity acting upon the thousands of colliding molecules
vibrating in unison

the pressure of it all seems impossible to bear
my limbs, simultaneously without weight…
and yet, immovable

all i want is understanding
all i want is absolute truth
my absolute truth

the magnetism at once startling…and comforting

it signals to me a precipice,
something yet to be revealed
if only i can stay in this free fall,
this darkness,
this charged place

but nothing is ever revealed
it ever feels like more darkness,
more confusion

and once again,
the tiny grains of knowing
slip swiftly away


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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