it doesn’t seem fair,
to be bursting the way i often do-
with emotions seemingly too rich,
too dynamic, too imbued with energy
to be appropriately contained within this physical frame

it doesn’t seem just,
to feel as though the breadth and depth of the true human experience
could spill from my fingertips, my lips,
from somewhere buried behind my eyes

and yet…
these forces, at once so palpable
just as easily evaporate from the space they can claim within

and its as though i am no longer of this world,
of this time,
of this place

that i no longer belong,
not because belonging is false to all,
but because the right is not mine
because there is no fit
there is no place

because what i thought i had, i did not
and there’s even less than that

and all at once
the absolutes become emptiness
and it seems that’s all there really is


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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