been trying to cash in on a bill of goods
sold to me over and over again
by the same person, with different faces,
over and over again.

finally i realize-
there’s nothing for me here, really,
its all pomp and circumstance.

been seeking truths all this time,
to find out its due to these empty promises,
false ideals, these untruths packaged so as to distract from their
utter emptiness.

so forgive me if i can’t readily see the reality-
for the reality i’ve been shown all along
has just been a projection of all the players in my life.

now i must go out from here,
set about to find the truth…
the only truth there is, can be.

i have to leave behind all that is unreal
the empty cartons, unsalable goods
the bullshit and lies and unrealized hopes of others
lest i be condemned to a life imprisoned by what no longer serves me.


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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