it seems we are seeking the same
but i cannot be the one to give it to you
for in finding it,
and keeping it for myself
i must remove myself
from what i think you need
and how i think i can help you get it

its always like that with us
a never ending riddle
the words are always the same
but forever arranged differently
just enough so
that we’re speaking different languages

and i don’t want to give you what you’re looking for
i can’t give myself away
just to keep you
these pieces of me
i’ve fought to recollect
from too many well meaning thieves
won them over with simple bargains,
proposed with smiles

i’m only just now discovering all the ways
to belong to myself
maybe once you belong to you
we’ll find the right words between us
once and for all
no further sacrifices
just complementing truths
neither one more important or real
just different


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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