bad romance.

romancing the past
is an alluring drug
the high

the way the mind can soften the edges
the picture seeming to glow
from the inside out

words never spoken
gestures imbued with a rosy filter
connections remembered
through the infinitely forgiving
eyes of hindsight

yet as far back down the path reveries can lead
away from the reality
intoxicated by the idea of possibilities
just out of reach,
it is the embodiment of the present
that invigorates,

all at once
i’m in my body again
a little taller,
filling out the frame a little more fully

that at once alluring intoxication
of re-imagining the past
that quickly betrays,
as it only serves to
distort the now
until everything is out of reach
the high no longer carries,
no longer floats,
no longer glows
hangs heavy ’round the neck,
binding the ankles and the wrists
shackling all vitality

and that’s when choosing truth prevails
and you find yourself back where you began
yet further down the path somehow

but its so much more than that
beyond the lesson
beyond the growth

to live in the truth
to choose reality
proves to be an ecstasy
beyond any i’ve ever known


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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