something is making its way
up and out
wait for it
to be revealed
its undulating
to the top
where it can finally be released

the trembling begins
down at the base
not so much a trembling just yet
a quaking
inflating the limbs
arms + legs
as though balloons
full of electricity

at once it feels as though
its all too much
too much to feel
too overwhelming to handle

but how can the release be full,
how can the awareness sharpen,
how can i know
all its brilliance
if i look away,
if i run,
if i deny

better wracked with energy, now
fire + force coursing through veins
intuiting a way to culmination

better let nature take her course
than to falsify
with temporary comforts
which only serve to refuel,
compounding the pressure on these
neurotic particles of human essence

better this brief discomfort
of a passing wave
than falling victim
to my own tsunami


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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