we were born from a place
where words meant nothing
weighed down by good intentions,
the best they could do
was hang heavy in the air
leaving their mark,
yet falling away
before we could ever grasp them

leaning in to the idea of you,
even now,
somehow just feels right

as though you’re the key
to why nothing’s made sense.

i was not whole,
and thus,
could not be wholly yours
i’ve had to come home
to myself
so that i could come home to you.

tracing the scars
back to my heart
the civil war
that was you + me
helped clear the way

and its that path
of destruction
that’s led me back

back to the me
you chose
long before
we’d ever arrived

and i pause before i speak now
because these words will be
what leads me back to you.


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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