have you seen her lately ?
dared to stop,
dared to look ?

have you seen that fear
that she keeps
tucked way down deep, but tries to show you
have you acknowledged
the pain
the shame

have you really seen-
the pain,
the fear + shame…
all that you’re screaming,
for others to see,
but have you?
have you really seen it,
felt it,
allowed it ?

the intolerance has grown
to such proportions
too raw to remain invisible
yet too vulnerable to finally
and look
and see

so you find others’ pain
others’ vulnerabilities
and you refuse to look away,
refuse to see anything else,

so resistance mounts
creating a vacuum
of flaws that must not be your own,
of grievances against
all that you cannot look away from
of ‘should’s’
and ‘must’s’
and massive human failings.

swallowed by the void,
there’s no choice left
but isolation.
so then,
can you look ?
do you see her ?
do you feel the pain ?
can you hold space for the shame ?

perhaps you did not
the original sin
but each time you move on,
refusing to stop and look
you only serve to wound her again,
and again,
you swore you wouldn’t be like them
so maybe here’s your struggle.
your incomprehensible sense of fraud.

see her,
in all the ways she begs to be seen.
so you can see yourself.


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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