being sober.

being sober
means more than looking good
or sounding good

being sober
means not doing things that do not speak to my soul
being sober means coming face to face with my darkness,
and not running from it, or trying to wish it away

being sober
means showing up for my life, consistently,
even, and especially when it’s hard, or scary,
or not what i wanted to deal with that day

being sober
means genuinely taking pleasure
in the simple things,
appreciating everything that has come my way,
seeing the beauty in others,
instead of always finding fault

being sober
means thoroughly enjoying life –
not holding back out of some fear
that feeling too much may spell danger

and, of course, at times
it does all feel like “too much”
too much emotion,
too much stimulation,
too much responsibility
and, while i pretty much know today that
“too much” is a lie,
because my spiritual principles inform me
that everything is as it should be-
it’s all for me, not to me
…when things still feel “too…”
i know how to take care of myself today

being sober
means saying “this is me,”
whatever that may mean
and that’s ok
and that’s enough


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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