i put that there,
the tightness
just behind the knees
that was for moments
when you were wobbly on your feet
against the stonewall,
or cold terror.

but you don’t need that,
the tightness,
you stand tall.
stable on your own two feet,
no matter what mother nature offers.

i put that there,
the stiffness across your back,
bolstering your two shoulder blades.
that was to fortify,
and prop you up,
when the gale force winds,
unrelenting in fury,
simply wished for you to cave.

i put that there,
that fire in your belly.
the heat that radiates
through your chest,
and out your fingertips,
to burn away all the hurt,
all the pain,
so that it couldn’t settle
in your precious,

i put that there,
the lightning in your brain.
never resting,
always figuring,
so that,
the disappointments,
though they’d come no matter what,
might not be so crushing.

you don’t need these
the stiffening,
or tightness,
or fire,
or lightning.

you have weathered
all the storms
that could cause damage in their wake
and you are safe
and protected
here with me.
no need to fear
the cold or fury,
the pain,
or disappointment.
there is nothing left to fear,
here with me,
and i will keep you
and dry.


thoughts, comments, feelings...?

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