i long to be wild and free,
but tonight required ministry
tonight called for the journey inward
the descent of that staircase
to the temple within
where she longed for me
to curl up inside her
and witness

what must that be like,
o little one,
oh treasured one,
to know a mother
with good intentions
but too many of her own
inner calamities
and unlearned lessons
to tend to your
wild, raw
and ever open heart

how is it, dear one
to father the man
from whose loins you sprang
forever an idol
relegated to the
tasks of mortals

show me now
what it is i need to see
help me heal
the wounds within
that still give way
to the illumination of above

i’m ready now,
i believe,
and i think you know it too
how foolish to believe
anything out there
could soothe and cleanse
more rightly
more thoroughly
than what lies
still untapped within

she’s stirring
and swirling
with knowing patience
awaiting the call
longing to be met
with the rightful trust
she deserves


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